Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ultimate Divatude needs your help.

I am pleased to announce that Ultimate Divatude has been selected to compete for a small business grant. The winners will be selected by vote count so I need your help. If you have a second, click the link below and vote for Ultimate Divatude. You can vote once a day until November 24th  Thank you for reading and please cast your votes and feel free to share  after voting a link appears asking if you would like to share on your Facebook page

This is through FedEx and only takes a second. If the link isnt clickable, please copy and paste in your browser to go directly to my voting page. Thanks in advance

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ultimate Me Clothing Collection Now In Spontique Boutique

Want trendy, unique and Divalicious clothing and accessories? Check out Spontique Boutique at 6716 Washinton Ave, Suite C, Ocean Springs, MS. 

We all endeavor to find the perfect outfit that isn't cookie cutter cute and worn by everyone, well Brittany at Spontique has everything you need for the look of your dreams. 

Go by and lose yourself in Spontique. You deserve it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Basketball Wives Earrings Are Here!!!

These earrings are the season's hottest trend and WE HAVE THEM!
Introductory special: All earrings are $12.00 each with $3.00 Priority Mail shipping for a limited time.
If you see a pair you like, contact me at and make them yours today!

Without further delay......

1. Large Mesh Balls 4inch Hoops Gold
2. Large Mesh Balls 4inch Hoops Multi Color
3. Large Mesh Balls 4inch Hoops Silver
4. Fabric Flower 2.5inch Blue Earring
5. Blue (pic looks purple) Mesh Balls 3.5inch Hoops
6. Fabric Flower 2.5in Hoops Animal Print
7. 5inch Straight Line Mesh Balls Gold
8. 5inch Straight Line Mesh Balls Multi Color
9. Orange Mesh Balls 3.5inch Hoop w/Rondelles
10. Fabric Flower 2.5inch Hoop Red
11. Silver Mesh Balls 3inch Hoops w/Rondelles
12. Fabric Flower 2.5inch Hoop Cream
13. Large 3.5inch Fabric Flower Earring Animal Print
14. Large 3.5in Fabric Flower Earring Zebra

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year, Divas!

I am so excited about gift basket sales for Christmas this year that I have decided to do a little giveaway.

For the first 3 people to post a picture of their gift basket, whether given or received, I will send you a $25 Ultimate Divatude gift certificate.

Gift certificates are good on any items from the Divatude or Swagger lines but cannot be used on gift baskets, gift sets or Ultimate Me Jewelry Collection.

So....what are you waiting for? Post those pics!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Made SNEAKY Bath Bombs Tonight!!

Sooo, what's a SNEAKY BATH BOMB?
 A Sneaky bath bomb is one that smells amazing and you THINK you know what fragrance it is but the color throws you completely off :-). Most bath products that you see, the color compliments the fragrance. SO, I decided to do something, well, a little sneaky. I wanted to bring you something of a teaser for your senses.
I call this fragrance 'Cuddle Me'. It's a very intimate and delectable fragrance and the amazing blue color will make you want to hibernate in your tub until spring.
I guess I'll give you a hint....  this batch was made using raw cocoa butter so the natural scent of CHOCOLATE is there already..... but there is a little something else.

What do you mean that's SNEAKY??? I know, Divas, I know.

Below are my SNEAKY Bath Bombs on the drying table until tomorrow night when I will package them for this years Christmas basket orders. The blue is amazing.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bath Bomb In Motion! Divatude Bath Cocktail

Pictured is my special Divatude Bath Cocktail w/Rose Petals. Fragrance is Winter Candy Apple
Relaxing is an understatement.
Divatude Bath Cocktail Recipe:

1 Divatude "The Bomb" Shea Butter Bath Bomb
1/2 -1 Divatude "Soft Touch" Cocoa Butter Bath Melt
1 Bar Divatude "Bliss" Handmade Natural Soap
1/2 cup Divatude "Fabulosity" Foaming Milk Bath Powder
1 Tired Body (Or 2) :-)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Divatude Product And Why?

Tell me about your favorite product from Ultimate Divatude and why you love it. If there was anything you would change about that product, what would it be?