Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Divatude Product And Why?

Tell me about your favorite product from Ultimate Divatude and why you love it. If there was anything you would change about that product, what would it be?


  1. Hi lady D, I am so proud of your divatude products, there is no other words that could describe it better than what it is ( divine, inspirational, virtuous and anointed ), heck that says it all. It has taken me year after year to have found the right products that works for an seasoned vet like myself. My favorite products are the pomegrant lotion and the angel face cream. They not only relaxes the body, they relaxes the mind as well. Thanks again lady D, you are truly an anointed lady of the Lord's!!!, so continue your goals that has been chosen for you!!, with much love and success.

  2. Big Sis you know Im loving the Lotion you gave me with the cool water mix. Only allowed to wear it when I go out with the better half. She loves the Mango Papaya and Vanilla Mocha soaps. Keep it popping like only you can.

  3. I'm just going to say, I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! No joke, the Body Butter is a must have, the hand made soaps are awesome, and the lotions for your face and body perfect. I have fallen in love with my body. My husband can not keep his hands off of me and now my husband uses the same products, so what's that tell ya? I used to have dry skin and chicken skin(bad bumps on the back of the arm) but since i started using the sponges, handmade soaps, and the body scrubs i don't have that anymore. Having that really bother me along with my streach marks but the body butter not only helped with making them lighter and less noticable, they started shrienking as well. I'm in love with ALL the Ultimate Divatude products. If you don't have them, you should. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO AND OF COURSE MAKE FOR US!!!!!!!!