Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Made SNEAKY Bath Bombs Tonight!!

Sooo, what's a SNEAKY BATH BOMB?
 A Sneaky bath bomb is one that smells amazing and you THINK you know what fragrance it is but the color throws you completely off :-). Most bath products that you see, the color compliments the fragrance. SO, I decided to do something, well, a little sneaky. I wanted to bring you something of a teaser for your senses.
I call this fragrance 'Cuddle Me'. It's a very intimate and delectable fragrance and the amazing blue color will make you want to hibernate in your tub until spring.
I guess I'll give you a hint....  this batch was made using raw cocoa butter so the natural scent of CHOCOLATE is there already..... but there is a little something else.

What do you mean that's SNEAKY??? I know, Divas, I know.

Below are my SNEAKY Bath Bombs on the drying table until tomorrow night when I will package them for this years Christmas basket orders. The blue is amazing.


1 comment:

  1. I loooveee the bath bombs!! They sizzles in the tub and makes your skin sooooooo soft and like silk! Let's not forget the freshness of your skin after you have taken a bath... I just love them!!! Keep up the GREAT work Divatude!!