Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Made SNEAKY Bath Bombs Tonight!!

Sooo, what's a SNEAKY BATH BOMB?
 A Sneaky bath bomb is one that smells amazing and you THINK you know what fragrance it is but the color throws you completely off :-). Most bath products that you see, the color compliments the fragrance. SO, I decided to do something, well, a little sneaky. I wanted to bring you something of a teaser for your senses.
I call this fragrance 'Cuddle Me'. It's a very intimate and delectable fragrance and the amazing blue color will make you want to hibernate in your tub until spring.
I guess I'll give you a hint....  this batch was made using raw cocoa butter so the natural scent of CHOCOLATE is there already..... but there is a little something else.

What do you mean that's SNEAKY??? I know, Divas, I know.

Below are my SNEAKY Bath Bombs on the drying table until tomorrow night when I will package them for this years Christmas basket orders. The blue is amazing.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bath Bomb In Motion! Divatude Bath Cocktail

Pictured is my special Divatude Bath Cocktail w/Rose Petals. Fragrance is Winter Candy Apple
Relaxing is an understatement.
Divatude Bath Cocktail Recipe:

1 Divatude "The Bomb" Shea Butter Bath Bomb
1/2 -1 Divatude "Soft Touch" Cocoa Butter Bath Melt
1 Bar Divatude "Bliss" Handmade Natural Soap
1/2 cup Divatude "Fabulosity" Foaming Milk Bath Powder
1 Tired Body (Or 2) :-)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Divatude Product And Why?

Tell me about your favorite product from Ultimate Divatude and why you love it. If there was anything you would change about that product, what would it be?

It's Gift Basket Time!

I got you covered.
What's better than receiving an amazing gift basket filled to the brim with Divatude bath products and finished with a festive bow??? Hmmm.... I can't think of ANYTHING better than that! LOL.

Where Is The Website?

The website is down temporarily while I serve my local customers. I realize how important it is to be able to see products and descriptions so I am working very hard to get that to you. Until that time, I will add updates, specials and info here as well as my Facebook page (Ultimate Divatude).

Also, to stay in the know, follow me on Twitter: Ultim8Divatude

Ultimate Divatude

Hi, Divas
This is my first attempt at creating a blog and I am super exctied. Please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of my new venture.
Ultimate Divatude is the last stop in your search for amazing bath and body products that not only nourish and pamper your skin but improves its overall condition with continued use.
Stay tuned for pictures, products and information that I hope you find interesting as well as informative.